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Hafa Adai Islander,

Welcome to our John F. Kennedy High School alumni and attendee home page for all students who attended JFK High School on the island of Guam.

If you are not a member of Delphi and want to join our growing JFK Forum, we've listed a link for you that will take you to the Delphi home page registry--and it is FREE to join.

Save the log on page as a favorite after you have saved your Delphi user name and password.  Search for "John F. Kennedy High School (Tumon, Guam)" on the "My Forums" page.  Once you have found it, save the Forum as one of your favorites.

We hope to bring together as many JFK Islanders as possible under this forum.   Once you become a Delphi JFK Guam Group member, frequent the Message Board to see if an old friend is searching for you or something of interest has been posted for Forum members.

Keep in touch by leaving messages, so we'll know how you're doing. One last thing, please identify yourself with your real name and year graduated.

Si Yuus Maase...
Leilani (Smoot) Eliason
Forum Administrator